Critical Intelligence for Uncertain Times

Dr. Rodin’s authority in resilience planning has also led her to the board of OneConcern, a benevolent intelligence data analytics platform with a planetary-scale vision of resilience for a safe, sustainable and equitable world.

Using a combination of human expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning to create “blueprints” that anyone can use, the platform leverages learnings and multiple, diverse sources of data to provide resilience frameworks for entities (communities, cities, states, industries and organizations) globally.

Living in a moment of heightened threats of many different types of disasters with ever-increasing probability by the day, this is an unavoidable topic that must be addressed with new types of data-driven solutions In the last 40 years alone, natural disasters have caused more than 3.3 million deaths and $2.3 trillion in economic damages, making this work more valuable and necessary than ever before.

In its first two years, OneConcern has partnered with cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other Bay Area communities and companies to help build resiliency and protect citizens from the cascading and often crippling effects of natural disasters, beginning with their earthquake platform.

Learn more about how the One Concern platform can help save more lives and livelihoods before, during, and after disaster strikes.