New World Symphony

Music for the Future

In March 2018, Dr. Rodin was elected to the Board of Trustees of the New World Symphony. Since 1987, the organization has provided training for young musicians from all over the world in preparation for professional careers in classical music.

Applying learnings from her experience in higher education and her work on resilience, she is helping the institution usher in a new era—with diversity, inclusion and adapting to the digital age as current initiatives at the forefront.

The NWS curriculum prepares fellows to be leaders in the field of classical music, calling for a reimagining of the art form and the sharing of its traditions with as many people as possible. It is committed to training students not only to be outstanding musicians, but also to contribute their talents in multiple ways to their communities. As with other types of education, the teaching, learning and cultural enjoyment of music is a tool that can strengthen communities and build local traditions.

Of Dr. Rodin’s appointment, the board wrote:

Disruption is a constant in contemporary society. Orchestras are not reflective of and responsive to the larger community. The digital environment offers unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Resilience in the face of disruption is a major theme in the work of Dr. Judith Rodin… [her] insights will help us redefine, reaffirm, express and share the great traditions of this legacy art form with as many people as possible. [She] will join us in creating programs by which our Fellows expand their learning and leadership, and our communities become stakeholders in our future.

To learn more about the New World Symphony, visit their website.