Featured Case Studies

Reinvigorating Cities | 100RC

Cities are lacking hard and soft infrastructure and planning to help them thrive and safeguard them against external stressors like natural disasters. Disasters are becoming the norm, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for cities to rebuild after crisis.


Restoring Forests | Social Impact Bonds

Funded in part by The Rockefeller Foundation, the Forest Resilience Bond is a timely and effective example of a social impact bond—a form of innovative finance popularized by Dr. Rodin and her work with The Foundation.


Revitalizing Health Systems | Penn Medicine

After a period of aggressive expansion in the 1990’s the UPenn Health System was in a state of severe financial stress—following unanticipated impacts from the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Its debts were so severe that they risked serious financial and educational damage to the rest of the university.


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