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…in this interconnected, interrelated, global century, we are all—quite literally—in this together.


After a period of aggressive expansion in the 1990’s the UPenn Health System was in a state of severe financial stress—following unanticipated impacts from the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Its debts were so severe that they risked serious financial and educational damage to the rest of the university.


Dr. Rodin implemented a strategy of comprehensive integration of the institution’s different health and biomedical entities and departments across the University. By encouraging a collaborative horizontal integration of departments, disciplines and professions, Penn was able to leverage all of the resources at its disposal to provide better care, support groundbreaking medical and scientific achievements, and turn a profit.


Penn Health System has cemented itself as a top research and healthcare institution, achieving both international and domestic acclaim. Currently, they receive $742M annually in sponsored research, and are consistently ranked among the top medical systems in the nation.

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