Prodigy Finance

Transforming Communities with Education

Founded on the philosophy that funding shouldn’t be a barrier to education, Prodigy Finance strives to make quality education accessible.

Working with elite universities, alumni, impact investors and other qualified private entities, Prodigy Finance invests in tomorrow’s leaders while earning a financial and social return to stakeholders. Using fintech to redefine the student loan market, the organization works to provide access for excellent students globally, regardless of traditional credit requirements.

To date, Prodigy Finance has helped more than 10,300 students fund postgraduate studies, with 80% of those students coming from developing countries.

In June 2018, Dr. Rodin was named Chair of the Board of Prodigy Finance, giving her a unique opportunity to merge her experience using social purpose finance as a force for good, and her strong belief in the power of education to transform people and communities.

To learn more about Prodigy Finance, visit their website.