Trilogy Education

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap for Brighter Futures

By 2020, there will be millions more technology jobs than applicants who can fill them. Already, forty percent of companies have trouble executing business plans due to insufficient talent. But it’s not just companies that are struggling. Millions of workers lack the skills needed for success in an increasingly digitized economy. Automation threatens even more.

Trilogy Education is a Workforce Accelerator, partnering with the best universities in the world to create and manage skills-based training programs. They are training today’s workers with tomorrow’s skills to help companies bridge the digital skills gap. To date, they have partnered with 40+ ​ of the world’s leading universities in 5​ countries to place thousands of students in 2,000+ different companies, including 50%​ of of the Fortune 100.

Until its acquisition, Dr. Rodin served on the board of Trilogy Education, using her experience building resilient institutions in the higher education sector to help the organization strengthen their offering.

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