Female Leadership for Better Business

To combat an important piece of the pervasive gender gap in our society, Dr. Rodin played an instrumental role in launching The Rockefeller Foundation’s 100×25 Initiative, a multi-faceted campaign aimed at the decision-makers instrumental in helping achieve the goal of 100 women leading Fortune 500 companies by 2025.

Today women make up nearly half of the workforce, yet less than 5 percent of companies are led by a woman CEO. The corporate sector, particularly the Fortune 500, has been the toughest sector to crack. And when we see that 60 percent of publicly listed companies have no women on their boards, it becomes understandable why it is harder and harder to have women who rise through the corporate ranks…Women deserve a greater say in the future of work, and the 100×25 campaign will be used as a platform to advance a more inclusive economy that creates more opportunities for more people—from entry-level to the C-suite.