Financial Impact By and For Women

After stepping down as President of The Rockefeller Foundation, Dr. Rodin joined the board and invested in Portfolia — a venture investing platform designed for women investors with the intent of backing entrepreneurial companies with products and services in areas that matter to women.

A full 90% of high-net-worth women support using their wealth to promote positive change, not only for their own families and businesses, but also in support of broader initiatives, such as developing women’s start-ups and promoting corporate social responsibility.

— 2015 Morgan Stanley Wealth Leadership Report

Driven by the insight that women own half of the world’s wealth, buy the majority of products, but rarely invest in startup companies, Portfolia is truly a platform by and for women. Research by The Luxury Institute show that 98% of women are dissatisfied with financial products or services—affirming that this is a market women can enter, improve, and make uniquely their own. The Portfolia model allows women to participate in the due diligence process and learn from (and contribute to) other women investors, meaning investors of all experience levels are able to participate.

Portfolia companies work relentlessly to introduce breakthrough solutions in spaces from medical technology to family care, providing returns to investors along the way. Portfolia has been covered in publications like Fast Company, Forbes and more. Looking ahead, Portfolia forecasts 115,000 women investing $15K annually by 2020, resulting in $1.7B in total investments for these worthy companies.

To learn more about Portfolia, visit their website.